FLOCK Picnic Posse

FLOCK Picnic Posse

FLOCK is a Danish fashion label created by textile design duo Siff Pristed and Emilie Carlsen.

Picnic Posse is the first collection by FLOCK 2016. A simple and functional collection with a strong expression of patterns and colours. Inspired by our present time, where the differences within genders and cultures dissolve, the collection emerges in the contrast between the simple functional shapes and the complexity of the digitally printed textiles. The fusion between tradition and technology is an apparent core value for FLOCK in their merging of analogous handicraft and digital printing techniques. An ambition to spark life in tactile and surfaces with rich graphic expressions, to evoke an awareness of texture and tactility within digital expression, where every single style is uniquely created. 

The collection is created as a modular kit with different pieces that can be combined in numerous ways, regardless of sex and style. 


Photos by: Katrine Møbius Models: Victor Mads Petersen (Unique Models), Lea Høyrup Nedergaard & Malamin Jaiteh